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Cloth Diaper Service Options

Prefold Diapers

aka the FULL fanny package$20-22/week

Fitted Diapers

aka the FITTED fanny package$26-30/week

Client Diapers

Washing client-owned diapers, 
additional cost if multiple babies
in household

Diaper Strip

based on quantity$26-32
Our service includes the rental, laundering, and delivery of cloth diapers. We are also happy to wash client-owned diapers (if you already have your own), or a combination of rented and client-owned diapers. Basically, we'll wash and/or supply any cloth diapers you'd like!
see below for more detailed pricing information
Pricing differs based on quantity of diapers rented / washed
Prefold Diaper                
Diaper Quantity/Cost per week
80                      / $22.00
70                      / $21.50
60                      / $21.00
50                       / $20.50
40                       / $20.00
Fitted Diapers
Diaper Quantity/Cost per week
80                       / $30.00
60                      / $28.00
40                       / $26.00
20                       / $24.00
*fitted packages include up to 60 
prefold diapers at no additional cost
Diaper strip
Each diaper or shell counts as 1
each insert counts as 1/2

60-80 diapers    $32.00
40-59 diapers     $30.00
20-39 diapers     $28.00
<20 diapers         $26.00
What is a prefold?
This is the traditional rectangular cotton diaper that traditionally comes to mind when people think of a 'cloth diaper'. However, the way they are held on the baby has greatly improved. Rather than risk a pin-stick, they now have a stretchy silicone tool called a snappi that grips the fabric with plastic teeth to hold it firmly in place. A water-proof cover is placed on top of the prefold. A single cover can typically be used throughout a day, while just the prefold portion is changed.
What is a fitted diaper?
This is an example of our fitted diapers. It looks much more similar to a disposable diaper because it has elastic around the waist and legs. It closes with snaps that can be adjusted as baby grows. This style of diaper is a little simpler to use, and costs about a $1/day more than the prefold style of diaper to rent. Like all of our diapers, it requires a a water-proof cover.