Cloth Diaper Service Info & Reminders
  • Deliveries are on Thursday & Sunday evenings (unless advanced notice of change is given). We ask that diapers be set out by 3pm on delivery day. We typically deliver/pick up between 3pm and 9pm, but times can change.  
  • Only cloth-diaper creams can be used on cloth diapers and the babies who are wearing them. Popular options are Grandma El's, Thirsties Booty Love, Earth Mama Angel, and you can also use coconut oil.  
  • Poo goes in the potty, folks. You can purchase flushable, biodegradable liners to help if you have difficulty with poo sticking to diapers. This does not apply to babies who are not yet eating solids. 
  • If you are planning to be out of town, just send us an email with the dates you will be away. We will happily hold your deliveries during that time.  
  • If you are using rental diapers, please update the quantity of diapers that you have left on your tag before setting it out for pick up. This helps us manage our inventory more effectively and ensure that you don't have stacks of diapers cluttering your space.