About Us

Melody & Leland Blauser
We started Fresh Fannies Diaper service in 2011. After the birth of our daughter, we were eager to find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to diaper. We found that while cloth diapers had greatly improved from what most people remember (no more diaper pins!), the challenges of having a new baby were enough that many families would feel overwhelmed by adding anything else to their plate. We made it our goal and business model to make cloth diapering easier for families who wanted to cloth diaper. We enjoy getting to meet wonderful families and teaching others about how easy cloth diapering can be. 
We came up with the name 'Fresh Fannies Diaper Service' after referring to diaper changes as 'getting a fresh fanny' with our daughter. We think it is fun, light, and shows our southern roots. We grew up in Western Kentucky and have been together since high school. We moved to northern Kentucky in 2001 for school and decided to make it our home. We're huge fans of University of Kentucky basketball and football (Go CATS!).