Fresh Fannies Diaper Service, LLC
Making cloth diapering a simple and cost effective choice for Kentucky families

Premier cloth diaper service located in Lexington, Kentucky
We offer cloth diaper service to Lexington, Georgetown and select areas in central Kentucky. If your family is interested in reducing your carbon footprint without all the work of diaper laundry, then diaper service is a perfect solution. We offer everything you need to successfully cloth diaper. We have multiple diaper options and sizes to fit any baby. Schedule your free in-home consultation today by sending us an email at

Benefits of Cloth Diapers
-If your diaper isn't cloth, it's trash!
Different solutions work for different families. If you are concerned about the environment and the amount of trash that .enters our landfills, then cloth diapering is a great way to reduce your family's carbon footprint. 
-Cloth diapers are great for sensitive skin. We use the utmost care with our diapers to ensure they are washed thoroughly and returned to a balanced pH without any harsh chemicals, making them safer to put against your precious baby's skin.
-They are more economical. The cost to purchase disposable diapers for the duration of a child's time in diapers is much more costly than purchasing (or renting) a small cloth diaper stash.
-They are SO cute! Your imagination is the limit for cloth diapers and covers. You can decorate your baby's bum in anything you like from your favorite sports team, movie character, nursery theme, and more.
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